Small Business News
1. Google Shopping Campaigns Get New Upgrade Option
Google launched a new upgrade option for Shopping Campaigns, its new type of Product Listing Ads. This one lets you base a Shopping campaign on a regular PLA campaign. Regular PLA campaigns will go away in August, so advertisers are going to have to upgrade one way or another. The other option is to start from ...

2. Facebook Referrals Are Skyrocketing
There has been a lot of discussion about Facebook killing the organic reachof posts that Pages make, essentially forcing businesses to pay to actually get their messages viewed in the News Feed. Many have considered dropping their Facebook strategy altogether, and one Page made a lot of headlines when it actually did. Despite this organic reach drop-off, ...

3. Google Trends Gets Weekly Column On Google Blog
Google announced that it will be sharing “a regular look back” at some of the top trending searches each Friday. We’ll see if this lasts longer than the monthly lists of algorithms they used to post, or if people will become “bored” with them, and Google stops putting them out. Discussing last week’s trends, Emily Wood writes, “People were ...

4. Facebook Won’t Target Ads To Nearby Friends
On Thursday, Facebook announced the launch of a new “Nearby Friends” feature, which enables people to see when they’re friends are close to their own location. How close? A spokesperson for the company tells WebProNews that the feature recognizes when friends are within a half mile radius of one another. Businesses may be wondering if they can ...

5. Google Trends Gets Email Notifications
Google announced that it’s adding email notifications to Google Trends. You can subscribe to any topic, hot searches for any country, or any U.S. monthly top chart. You can also get notifications about search interest in any topic. “I’m a Liverpool F.C. fan, so I set up a subscription to get notifications about searches for the team,” says ...

6. Businesses Unhappy With Yahoo Switch To Yelp
Yelp has been in the headlines as business owners have been complaining. You’re shocked, right? This seems to be a narrative that the company just can’t shake. One of the big topics this week has been about a deal Yelp made with Yahoo, which saw the search engine replace its own local reviews with Yelp’s. This has not ...

7. Twitter Launches New Mobile App-Install Ads, Tools
As expected, Twitter announced the launch of a new mobile app promotion suite, enabling app developers to use mobile app-install ads on Twitter, and throughout the MoPub Marketplace, which spans over a billion Android and iOS devices. The suite is in the beta testing phase, but includes tools for targeting, creative, and measurement. Partners so far include ...

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